Timberland Physio

Insurance patients

You will need to pay for your physiotherapy at the end of each session and reclaim your fees from your insurer, unless we have a specific agreement with your insurer to only bill direct. If we bill direct the prices per session will include our administration costs.


You should check:

  • whether your condition is covered and that you will be reimbursed for attending physiotherapy with us
  • your insurer’s limits for physiotherapy as these vary
  • the number of sessions and/or length of time you can receive treatment
  • if you have to pay an excess
  • whether you need to be referred by a GP or consultant to claim back your physiotherapy fees

Timberland Physiotherapy is recognised by most insurance companies and Dean is recognised by ALL major insurance companies at Cura Healthcare


Our provider numbers:

AVIVA – 600014308
CIGNA – 081928
Pru Health – PRU3607214
WPA – 920349911


Dean’s Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration number – PH36507
Other health insurance companies that do not use specific provider numbers, may use the HCPC registration number